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St Stephen's Church, Donisthorpe St c/o 48 Newton ST, West Bowling, Bradford England BD5 7BX

Shine Creativity

We believe that creativity is a vital part of human experience and one that promotes inner wellbeing. Our arts and crafts programme incorporates heritage, artist’s residences, installation and permanent artworks that enhance the space we share. Everyone gets involved in our creative activities and together we have made some stunning results!

The Mustard Tree


This amazing artwork was based on the story of the mustard tree found in the bible, in which a small seed becomes a huge tree and provides shelter for all the birds of the air. A good analogy for the work of SHINE and St Stephen’s, rooted as it is in the local culture starting small and becoming  a place of welcome to all. The screen was created to make a separation between the main body of the church building  and a quiet area where the organ used to be. It is made of panels made with three different art processes: mosaic, textiles and stained glass along with a beautiful wooden frame made by Bradford Woodworkers. Each of the panels were created by artists working with all the people who are involved with SHINE. Shaeron Caton-Rose enabled the mosaic panels, Linda Baines worked on the stained glass panels and Rosilyn Owens worked with the Creative Threads group to make the textiles panels. The piece was completed in 2017 and was supported by the Anchor Trust.

The mustard tree Shine Bradford


Flock was made to celebrate all the  individuals that make up SHINE. As part of her Artist’s Residency in 2016, Shaeron Caton-Rose helped everyone who walks through the doors of SHINE to make a bird to represent themselves using textiles processes. The birds were then assembled to make ‘Flock’, a permanant  installation within the church space. She also worked with people to make a Murmuration of Starlings, using printmaking techniques and exhibited as a temporary installation with video projections. Linda Baines Stained Glass Artist also helped people to make a series of glass birds, some of which were incorporated into The Mustard Tree screen, and some were made into a mobile which now also hangs in the church space.  With thanks to Seedbed Trust who supported this project.

Remembering the Fallen of West Bowling

Remembering the Fallen of West Bowling explores the 271 names listed on the First World War Memorials that appear in St Stephen’s Church. Over the last year we have been researching into the each of casulaties with the aim of discovering more about each of the men than was previously know. The research discovered that men as young as 16 signed up to fight, that they came from all different walks of life; from piano tuner to professional soldier. The men of West Bowling provided great numbers to the Bradford Pals divisions and to many other English regiments but also that a number served in Scottish, Irish and even Canadian regiments. 

The exhibition looks at life in West Bowling before and during the First World War including the additional work the women of West Bowling had to take on.The exhibition is free but please phone in advance to make sure access is possible as other groups may be using the space. Call 01274 738490

The exhibition was created by Luke Owens and generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Then and Now Fund

I Lift Up My Eyes


Our first community art piece, this huge mosaic was made to cover over a disused door on the outside of the church building and to offer a picture of hope and community to all who pass by. It was made by artist Shaeron Caton-Rose working with two local primary schools and SHINE. The design was a collaboration of the artist’s ideas and pictures made by two classes, one from St Stephen’s Primary School, and the other from Newby Primary School, and local groups and the schools were involved making the mosaic itself. With thanks to The Christian Arts Trust who supported this project.

Lockdown Feet
A project completed by our Creative Threads and Refugee Action Welcome groups during and reflecting on Lockdown.