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St Stephen's Church, Donisthorpe St c/o 48 Newton ST, West Bowling, Bradford England BD5 7BX

Little Dots

Little Dots Shine West Bowling
Little Dots West Bowling

Little Dots meets on a Friday morning 11.00am -12pm (term time only).

Little Dots is a fun, loving, nurturing, creative, music and play group for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their parents or carers.

Our special music is creative and sensory, using easy to sing tunes, alongside a variety of colourful props (bells, scarves, shakers, puppets, parachute) and fun actions.

Music is a great activity for babies and young children as it sparks multiple areas of their brain into action (physical, social, emotional, language, spiritual) helping to support and form important early years development, whilst enabling them to bond more deeply with you.  But the best is that sharing music is such a special way to give and to receive love to your child.

Little Dots is a caring, nurturing, easy to join group, with a friendly community time and free play which follows our music session.  It’s a special time to enjoy fruit and homemade refreshments, to chat, share, make friends and discover a wealth of toys to play with. 

We know that the nurture of a young child, can be challenging and so we’re here to offer our love, care and support to you and your child.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ (African proverb)


To find out more or if you have questions get in touch today.