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St Stephen's Church, Donisthorpe St c/o 48 Newton ST, West Bowling, Bradford England BD5 7BX

Online Resources

Handling History – Post Visit Resources

Click the button below to download an activity exploring what Victorian children would have worn.

Click to download an activity exploring the different parts of the church and the materials used to make it.

Click to download instructions on how to make natural dyes safely in school.

Click the button below to download an activity for your pupils to design their own stained glass window using the symbols seen in St Stephen’s Church.

World War 1 Resources

Click the button below to download a high resolution copy of the map showing the number of soldiers lost from the streets of Bowling.

From down the street and round the corner

The names, occupations and addresses of soldiers listed on the St Stephen’s memorials


Men from all different walks of life signed up to fight in a war that they thought would be over within a few months. Friends and families were encouraged to signed up in groups, with no previous military experience necessary.

 This meant that van drivers, piano tuners, mill workers and carpet weavers signed up not knowing what their fate would be.

Download the document to find out the names, addresses and occupations of those listed on the war memorials. Maybe some lived on the same streets your pupils live on today.

Case Studies of Bowling Soldiers

It is hard to grasp what it would have been like to have been a mill worker one day, to sign up with your family and friends and find yourself fighting in one of the bloodiest and most brutal wars in human history. Below are four case studies of soldiers featured on the memorials in St Stephen’s who all grew up in the streets of Bowling. You can use these case studies to find out more about the life and service of the soldiers, the documents also contain the deatails of where the information was sourced if you want to encourage your pupils to find out more or about others listed on the memorials.