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St Stephen's Church, Donisthorpe St c/o 48 Newton ST, West Bowling, Bradford England BD5 7BX

Pop-Up Pantry at St Stephen’s Church

Pop-Up Pantry at St Stephen's Church

July 25, 2024

THE POP-UP PANTRY IS AT ST stephen's CHURCH today 11pM – 1PM

By joining the scheme, your £6 will stretch further, getting you 16 items of mainly fresh food. £1 of this can be put into a savings account with Credit Union.

Click here to find other similar pantries across Bradford.

The POP-UP Pantry also meets at ST sTEPHEN's CHURCH on Tuesdays 11.30am-12.30pm

Support with food for those in need

St Matthew's
Carrbottom Rd
Bradford, BD5 9AA

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