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St Stephen's Church, Donisthorpe St c/o 48 Newton ST, West Bowling, Bradford England BD5 7BX

Shine Vision

About us

Shine is a busy one stop hub in West Bowling, Bradford that seeks to help people find a brighter future.

Operating out of St Stephen’s Church we welcome everyone who lives in the area to join in our activities or access help.

Shine aims to offer individual, relational support for as long as needed to anyone in our community.

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Helping People SHINE

Shine stands for Social, Health, Inner, Natural and Economic wellbeing.

We believe that people need to thrive in all these areas for a fulfilled life.

Our activities and support are based around these areas and have grown from tiny beginnings ten years ago, to now where we see over 200 people each week and run a wide range of projects.

Shine West Bowling Bradford


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